Install Rhino.exe
Install Rhino

MetricMonkey is a plug-in for RhinocerosĀ® 7 for Windows. You must have a valid licence to use MetricMonkey.

Install MetricMonkey
Install MetricMonkey

Download MetricMonkey using the link you were sent and run the *rhi file to install.

MetricMonkey Licence Manager command
Activate MetricMonkey

Open Rhino and type MetricMonkeyLicenceManager in the command line. Then go File > Activate and enter in your serial number.

Run MetricMonkey command
Launch MetricMonkey

In Rhino, type runMetricMonkey. This will launch the MetricMonkey UI.
And Boom, you are off!

One step at a time

MetricMonkey’s clean and simple user interface makes it easy to create, edit and analyse designs. We guide you through the process so that you never miss a beat.

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