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MetricMonkey does all the heavy lifting to enable you to focus on designing better buildings.

Single-click Context Import

No more tracing aerial photos! Simply set your Project Location, and if the city matches one in our database, we’ll display all the datasets available.* Need to load in a dataset that’s not in our library? No problem. Click on the Add Local Dataset button for additional functionality.

Geo-Reference Models

Set your Grid Projection and have all of your datasets reposition automatically. You can even reposition the project so that it is closer to the origin. Next, control the Grid Convergence so that all of your environmental analyses are using True North, not Grid North, for improved accuracy.

Automated Building Massing

Define the building footprint and its Height or Storeys and let MetricMonkey do the rest. You can even use the 3D creation tools to create your massing. MetricMonkey will reference in your geometry and include it for its calculations and analyses.


MetricMonkey is built on top of Grasshopper, arguably the most powerful visual programming software on the market. Use our Grasshopper components to publish user-defined inputs to the UI and connect your existing workflows.

Revit® Integration

Use MetricMonkey to stream data into Autodesk® Revit® automatically via Rhino.Inside®. Revit. MetricMonkey will create native Revit elements, including topography, mass families, levels, floors and materials. MetricMonkey will even geo-reference your model by adjusting the Project Base Point and Survey Point.

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